Card Ssj Broly

Character Card

The Card Shop
is where you can buy or sell your cards. If someone wishes to buy a card or sell they either must leave a comment or a message on an active admins talk page.

Here anyone who wishes to buy cards has to have enough money. When buying a card an admin will tell you if you have enough money, if you do not you are not aloud to buy. If you want to sell no money is needed just cards. The cards will be able to be returned for ¾ of what you paid for it.

Cards in Stock, Amount, and Price

How to Earn Money

  1. Every User Starts Out with $5,000
  2. You can sell cards to other users or you can sell them to the shop.
  3. You can enter battles with other users, and earn money if you win(Note:If you loose a battle you loose money). Or you could enter a tournament and win an over all prize if you win the tournament, second and third place also get smaller money prizes.
  4. You can put a "Bank Account" template on you user page, and you will gain a weekly interest of $100. And if you choose to open a Bank Account you must put at least $50 in the bank.
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