Here are some tips on how to Battle. More Tips will be added as this wiki grows.

Rules of DuelingEdit

  • When laying down the character you are going to use, like let's say Kid Buu. If you were going to use Kid Buu you would say that is who you are using and then your opponent would go.(Quick Note: This is only when you begin a battle, or someone plays a self destruct card.)
  • Now here is when you get to the fighting. After you and your opponent has laid down you they are using the first person to lay down goes first. You get a maxium of three cards per round. You must follow the stats on the cards. After the first Opponent is done the second one goes and takes his/her turn. After that you just keep going back and forth like that.

Main Type of DuelingEdit

  • You can just go on the the person's User:Talk and ask them to battle. You can either just battle on each other's Talk Pages, by going back and forth. Or you can create a page and can battle on their. Make sure to name the page "User vs. User" put the name of your character and the other person's character in the User space's. So this is what it would look like if let's say two people's characters were "Vegetron" and the second user's was "Youtocow" it would look like "Vegetron vs. Youtocow". If the same two people wanted to battle they would put "Vegetron vs. Youtocow 2nd Match" and then 3rd, 4th, 5th and so on.
  • Then you just battle.


  • Every tournament will have a referee(admin) to watch over it. If they think that one person is cheating they will give them a 2nd chance if they are caught again they will disqualified.
  • Their will be a maximum of 32 competitors. There will and must be a blog posted at least a week to 2 weeks in advance.
  • There will be different rounds and each person will be partnered up. The competitors will be matched up by random.
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