Here are some tips if you want to create an User Card to have on your user page.



Here are the designs for a character user card

How To Set UpEdit

Name & PictureEdit

It is pretty easy what to do for the name. For the picture you are aloud to pick any picture from the Dragon Ball series or even fanon photo's. It must be appropriate though.


For Position you put whatever position you are on the wiki there are several different positions:

  • Editor
  • Chat Mod(Optional if want to place)
  • Rollback(Optional if want to place)
  • Admin
  • Bureaucrat

Gender & RankingEdit

It is pretty easy to pick out what gender you are, it is optional if you want to put you gender though. For ranking you either go with what you were given by an admin be defeating other users and ranking up, if you don't know your ranking do not put one.


Just put whatever you want to say about yourself. It doesn't have to be anything big just something.