Obey the Rules, or Else!!!!!!

Rules of The Wiki

These Rules Apply to Everyone

  • Do not use the word "fuck"
  • Warn people of sexual content
  • Do not make fun of people
  • No racism of any kind
  • No Vandilism
  • No Spamming
  • No Bullying
  • Do not cheat
  • Do not lie about the amount of money you have or the cards you have(Note:If this rule is broken more then twice all of your cards and money will be taken away.)

Senior Users of the Wiki Rules

These Rules Apply to Users Who have been here a while and Admins

  • Be Nice to New Users
  • Your not always right just because you've been here longer so don't act like you are

Admin Rules

These Rules Apply to Admins only

  • Treat All users with the same respect
  • Know the Rules

Thank you have a nice day.

Penalties for Breaking Rules

Repeat Breaking of Same Rule

  • First Offense will be a Warning.
  • Second Offense will be a 3 day ban.
  • Third Offense will be a week ban.
  • Fourth Offense will be a month ban.
  • Fith Offence will be a permanent ban.

Breaking Other Rules Repeatedly

(If the user truely/honestly does not know they are breaking the rules they will be told they are, unless it keeps happening.)

  • Fist Offense will be told to quit it.
  • Second Offense will be given a warning.
  • Third Offense will be a 3 Day Ban.
  • Fourth Offense will be a Month Ban.
  • Fith Offense will be a Permanant Ban